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Type Journal Article - South African Journal of Economics
Title Errors in the October Household Survey 1994 available from the South African Data Archive
Volume 74
Issue 4
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2006
Page numbers 766-768
The on-line electronic documentation supplied with the 1994 October Household Survey by the South African Data Archive (SADA) appears to be incorrect. In particular, the electronic version of the questionnaire does not correspond to the hard copy in the possession of the author. The most serious error is that the race classification in the electronic copy is different from the classification on the hard copy. Researchers relying on the electronic copy will erroneously interchange the categories “Coloured”, “White” and “Black”. This could lead to seriously misleading analyses. The reason for this mistake can probably be attributed to a retyping of the questionnaire using the 1993 OHS as a template.

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