The Oxford Handbook of the South African Economy

Type Book Section - Part I History, political economy, and key challenges: Chapter 8 Poverty in South Africa
Title The Oxford Handbook of the South African Economy
Edition 1
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2022
Page numbers 157-174
Publisher Oxford University Press
Country/State USA
This chapter provides updated estimates regarding poverty within the limits of the available data. It uses the NIDS data (2008-2017). Among other issues, results confirm that the feminization of poverty and hardships experienced by youth have to be prioritized when initiatives to reduce poverty are considered. Although the chapter focuses on poverty, from a policy perspective, it is important to examine both poverty and inequality jointly instead of focusing only on one. They are both as a result of the mediocre performance of the South African economy and the very character, structurally, of the economy and unemployment as a consequence of South Africa's political history. This chapter, however, mainly deals with the extent of poverty and its character.

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