Context sensitive road planning for developing countries

Type Thesis or Dissertation - PhD Thesis
Title Context sensitive road planning for developing countries
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2011
The majority of South African urban poor live on the periphery of cities, travel long distances to work and school, and are dependent on public transport and walking or cycling (Non-Motorised Transport or NMT) for their travel needs. Road planning practice in South Africa continues to be largely automobile-centric. A need was identified to incorporate more contextual information into the transport planning process, to produce a more comprehensive, holistic and multimodal approach to practice. A description of the context, defined in terms of land use, socioeconomic, environmental and transport information, was developed and forms the basis of a method for making recommendations for road infrastructure provision. Data was incorporated using Spatial Multiple Criteria Assessment (SMCA), a Decision Support System and analysed in a GIS.

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