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Type Report
Title Malnutrition and socioeconomic gaps in malnutrition in Ghana
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2006
Page numbers 0-0
Summary. – This study identifies factors that are associated with malnutrition and socioeconomic gaps in malnutrition in Ghana using data from the Ghana 2003 Demographic Health Survey. Socioeconomic inequality is measured in terms of a concentration index of malnutrition, which is decomposed into inequality into the determinants of malnutrition. The results show that malnutrition in Ghana is related to poverty, education, health care and family planning services and regional characteristics. To reduce poor- rich disparities in malnutrition, health policies in Ghana should further be directed at strategies/interventions to reduce poverty and to improve the use of health care services and maternal education among the poorer population groups. Furthermore, regional disparities should be tackled.

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