Divorce and remarriage in rural Malawi

Type Journal Article - Demographic Research, Special Collection
Title Divorce and remarriage in rural Malawi
Volume 1
Issue 6
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2003
Page numbers 175-206
URL http://malawiresearch.org/system/files/reniers-2003.pdf
The demographic study of nuptiality in African countries is not very developed and often of secondary interest in a discussion of the proximate determinants of fertility.
This paper uses unusual marriage history data to examine divorce and remarriage in rural Malawi.
Life table probabilities of divorce range from 40 to 65 percent and are among the highest on the continent. An investigation into the determinants of marital instability using proportional hazards models confirms the importance of kinship systems and female empowerment, but the mechanism underlying the high divorce rates in Malawi is more complicated than that. This is, for example, illustrated in the effect of the polygyny variables. Marriage, divorce, and remarriage are further considered as empowering strategies that women deploy throughout their lives.

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