Econometrics Short Course

This course will revise the statistical concepts relevant to regression analysis. It will then introduce Ordinary Least Squares regression and discuss how and why it is used. Violations of the assumptions required for OLS and their implications will also be covered. Inference in multiple regression is the last topic in basic regression. The course then covers regression with qualitative variables (including Linear Probability models, logits and probits). The final day is devoted to specification and data issues in regression analysis.

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Prerequisites:  Course participants should be familiar with Stata and with basic statistical tools.  Don't know Stata?  Have a look at our Introduction to Stata course.

Date:  6 to 10 February 2017

Venue: Alumni Lab, Commerce Building, Upper Campus

Course Fees:  The cost of the course is R 13 000.00. Partial scholarships are available to bona fide students and academics.

Course Instructor:  Dr Andrew Kerr, DataFirst.

Closing Date:  Online application is open.


This is a joint SALDRU and DataFirst course.


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