Understanding Complex Social Survey Data

This course is aimed at postgraduate students (Masters and Ph.D.), researchers, and officials in state agencies wanting to analyse social surveys using Stata. 

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Course Content: 

The course will

  • Outline the theory of weighting, clustering and stratification,
  • Discuss how social surveys are practically implemented in South Africa,
  • Introduce the survey analysis tools available in Stata,
  • Explain how to get estimates from sample surveys that are representative of the population,
  • Show how to calculate the correct standard errors for such estimates.

Prerequisites:  Course participants should be familiar with Stata and with basic statistical tools (such as regression analysis).  Don't know Stata?  Have a look at our Introduction to Stata course.

Date:  13 to 17 Feburary 2017 

Venue: Alumni Lab 1, Commerce Building, Upper Campus, University of Cape Town

Course Instructors:  Cally Ardington, Professor in SALDRU, Martin Wittenberg, Professor in the School of Economics at UCT and Director of DataFirst.

Course Fees:  The cost of the course is R 13 000.00. Partial scholarships are available to bona fide students and academics.

Closing Date:  Online Application is open.

This is a joint SALDRU and DataFirst course.

Participant comments Group work - Complex Social Survey Data

"This is a very relevant course for students, researchers as well as policy makers. This course would not have come at a better time for me. My only problem is that one week is not enough." (anonymous)
"It is an informative course that's gives insight into complex surveys. It enables us to understand the importance of sample design when performing an analysis and even though you may not deal with the methodology part you get to understand all that goes in to data cleaning." (anonymous)
"Very valuable material transferred in an interactive setting that promoted critical engagement and learning." (anonymous)





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