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Journal Article
Hunt, Xanthe, Dan J Stein, Nic Spaull, and Mark Tomlinson. "Hunger as a driver of depressive symptoms: Optimising responses to mental health aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic." South African Medical Journal (2021).
Working Paper
Hunt, Xanthe, Elsie Breet, Dan J Stein, and Mark Tomlinson. "The COVID-19 pandemic, hunger, and depressed mood among South Africans." NIDS-CRAM Working Paper (2021).
Hunt, Abigail, Emma Samman, Sherry Tapfuma, Grace Mwaura, Rhoda Omenya, Kay Kim, Sara Stevano, and Aida Roumer. Women in the gig economy: Paid work, care and flexibility in Kenya and South Africa. London, UK: Overseas Development Institute, 2019.
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