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Thesis or Dissertation
Zinyakatira, Nesbert, Nesbert. "Completeness of death registration in Cape Town and its health districts, 1996-2004." Master's thesis, University of Cape Town, 2007.
Book Section
Zinyakatira, Nesbert. "The state of the population in the Western Cape Province." Adult mortality in the Western Cape: An example from Cape Town metro (2008).
Nannan, Nadine, Rob Dorrington, Ria Laubscher, Nesbert Zinyakatira, Megan Prinsloo, Timotheus Darikwa, Richard Matzopoulos, and Debbie Bradshaw. Under-5 mortality statistics in South Africa: Shedding some light on the trends and causes 1997-2007. Cape Town, South Africa: South African Medical Research Council, 2012.
Journal Article
Groenewald, Pam, Debbie Bradshaw, Johann Daniels, Nesbert Zinyakatira, Richard Matzopoulos, David Bourne, Najma Shaikhe, and Tracey Naledie. "Local-level mortality surveillance in resource-limited settings: A case study of the City of Cape Town highlights disparities in health." Bulletin of the World Health Organization (2010).
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