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Journal Article
Al-Sammak, Najlaa Ibrahim, and Asma Ahmed Al-Jawadi. "Contraceptive use dynamics among married women attending primary health care centers in Mosul City, Iraq: A cross-sectional study." Journal of the South Asian Primary Care Research Network 3, no. 1 (2012): 0-0.
Book Section
Bayliss, Kate, and Adam Al-Hassan. "Alternatives to privatisation: public options for essential services in the global South." Where have all the options gone? The shrinking of African water policy options (2012).
Conference Paper
Kasirye, Ibrahim. "Determinants of learning achievement in Uganda." CSAE Conference, Economic Development in Africa, 22nd - 24th March 2009, St Catherine's College, Oxford. Oxford, 2009.
Working Paper
Meth, Charles. "What was the poverty headcount in 2004 and how does it compare to recent estimates by van der Berg et al?." SALDRU Working Paper , no. 06/01 (2006).
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