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Journal Article
Essel-Gaisey, Felix, Michael A Okyere, Richmond Forson, and Tsun-Feng Chiang. "The road to recovery: Financial resilience and mental health in post-apartheid South Africa." SSM - Population Health (2023).
Bivens, Felix, Gill Black, Andrew Hartnack, Miriam Waltz, and Joanna Wheeler. Translating complex realities through technologies: Lessons about participatory accountability from South Africa. Brighton: Sustainable Livelihoods Foundation, 2017.
Working Paper
Chitah, Bona M, and Felix Masiye. "Deprivation-based resource allocation criteria in the Zambian health service: A review of the implementation process." Health Economics Unit, University of Cape Town, Cape Town (2007).
Thesis or Dissertation
Mwenge, Felix. "Progressivity and determinants of out-of-pocket health care financing in Zambia." Master's thesis, University of Cape Town, 2010.
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