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Journal Article
Muyeba, Singumbe, and Jeremy Seekings. "Homeownership, privacy and neighbourly relations in poor urban neighbourhoods in Cape Town, South Africa." South African Review of Sociology 43, no. 3 (2012): 41-63.
Thesis or Dissertation
Muyeba, Singumbe. "Does low-income homeownership work? The effects of titling among beneficiaries in Cape Town and Lusaka." PhD Thesis, University of Cape Town, 2013.
Seekings, Jeremy, Tracy Jooste, Singumbe Muyeba, Marius Coqui, and Margo Russell. The social consequences of establishing ‘mixed’ neighbourhoods: Does the mechanism for selecting beneficiaries for low-income housing projects affect the quality of the ensuing ‘community’ and the likelihood of violent conflict?. Cape Town, South Africa: Centre for Social Science Research, 2010.
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