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Samson, Michael, Oliver Babson, Claudia Haarman, Dirk Haarman, Gilbert Khathi, Kenneth Mac Quene, and Ingrid van Niekerk. Research review on social security reform and the basic income grant for South Africa. Cape Town, South Africa: Economic Policy Research Institute, 2002.
Book Section
Nkula-Wenz, Laura, Gilbert Siame, and Dieter Zinnbauer. "Activating urban planners for fostering urban integrity: An inroad into curbing city level corruption." Localizing the SDGs in African Cities (2022).
Journal Article
Alexander, Berrisford, Nkula-Wenz, Ndhlovu, Siame, Watson, and Zinnbauer. "Challenges and opportunities of curbing urban corruption and building professional integrity: Experiences of planners in South Africa and Zambia." Habitat International (2022).
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