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Working Paper
Chitah, Bona M, and Felix Masiye. "Deprivation-based resource allocation criteria in the Zambian health service: A review of the implementation process." Health Economics Unit, University of Cape Town, Cape Town (2007).
Bivens, Felix, Gill Black, Andrew Hartnack, Miriam Waltz, and Joanna Wheeler. Translating complex realities through technologies: Lessons about participatory accountability from South Africa. Brighton: Sustainable Livelihoods Foundation, 2017.
Thesis or Dissertation
Mwenge, Felix. "Progressivity and determinants of out-of-pocket health care financing in Zambia." Master's thesis, University of Cape Town, 2010.
Journal Article
Essel-Gaisey, Felix, Michael A Okyere, Richmond Forson, and Tsun-Feng Chiang. "The road to recovery: Financial resilience and mental health in post-apartheid South Africa." SSM - Population Health (2023).
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