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Journal Article
Pieterse, Duncan. "Domestic abuse of children severely reduces their educational achievement." Econ 3x3 (2015).
Book Section
Pieterse, Edgar, and Mirjam Van Donk. "Consolidating developmental local government: Lessons from the South African experience." Rural Local Government in South Africa (2008).
Journal Article
Pieterse, Duncan. "Childhood maltreatment and educational outcomes: Evidence from South Africa." Health Economics 24, no. 7 (2014): 876-894.
Working Paper
Pieterse, Duncan. "Exposure to violence and educational outcomes: evidence from Cape Town, South Africa." CSSR Working Paper , no. 306 (2012).
Thesis or Dissertation
Pieterse, Duncan. "Adverse childhood experiences and educational outcomes, problem drinking and the perpetration of violence." PhD Thesis, University of Cape Town, 2013.
Journal Article
Bradshaw, Debbie, Pam Groenewald, Ria Laubscher, Nadine Nannan, Beatrice Nojilana, Rosana Norman, Desiréé Pieterse, and Michelle Schneider. "Initial burden of disease estimates for South Africa 2000." SAMJ 93, no. 9 (2003).
Norman, Rosana, Debbie Bradshaw, Michelle Schneider, Desiree Pieterse, and Pam Groenewald. Revised burden of disease estimates for the comparative risk factor assessment South Africa 2000. Methodological note. Cape Town, South Africa: Medical research council, 2006.
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