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Altman, Miriam, Howard Harris, Andries van der Linde, Dave Fleming, Rob Davies , and Dirk van Seventer. Electricity pricing and supply with special attention to the impact on employment and income distribution. : Human Sciences Research Council, 2011.
Working Paper
Smith, Anja, Rose Peter , Shivani Ranchhod, Dave Strugnell, and Jodi Wishnia. "The economy linked impact of COVID-19 on mortality and health: Early learnings for South Africa’s coronavirus-linked recession." NIDS-CRAM Insight Briefs Series , no. ii (2020).
Journal Article
Blair, Amy M, Dave I Thompson, Wayne C Twine, and Stefan Grab. "The social-ecological drivers across land-use intersects driving marula tree population dynamics in north-eastern South Africa." Forest Ecology and Management (2021).
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