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Journal Article
Dominguez-Rodriguez, Alejandro, Sophia C Martínez-Luna, Maria J Hernandez Jimenez, Anabel De La Rosa-Gomez, Paulina Arenas-Landgrave, Esteban E Esquivel Santovena, Carlos Arzola-Sanchez, Joabian Alvarez Silva, Arantza M Solis Nicolas, Ana M Colmenero Guadián, Flor R Ramirez-Martínez, and Rosa O Vargas. "A Self-Applied Multi-Component Psychological Online Intervention Based on UX, for the Prevention of Complicated Grief Disorder in the Mexican Population During the COVID-19 Outbreak: Protocol of a Randomized Clinical Trial." Frontiers in Psychology 12, no. 644782 (2021): 1-19.
Working Paper
Gustafsson, Martin, and Alejandro Morduchowicz. "What we can learn from a comparison of the schooling systems of South Africa and Argentina." Stellenbosch Economic Working Papers , no. 17/08 (2008).
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