Latest News

 Launch of PALMS version 3!

 Short course:  Multiple Imputation Using PALMS.

 Short course:  Measuring Economic Welfare - closing date for applications 11 May.

New UK Data Service project on big data and household energy.

Interesting work ahead! DataFirst's director, Prof Martin Wittenberg, will be working with the UK Data Service on the Smarter Household Energy Data project.

New CSAE working paper on Ghanaian manufacturing firms by Elwyn Davies and Andrew Kerr: Firm Survival and Change in Ghana, 2003-2013.

Our secure data service is highlighted in the Dean's report on the Faculty of Commerce in the 2013/14 UCT Research Report

New Technical Paper:  Measuring Inequality by Asset Indices: A general approach with application to South Africa by M. Wittenberg and M. Leibbrandt

  DataFirst’s Lynn Woolfrey was invited to attend SciDataCon 2014, the international conference of the World Data System (WDS) held in November 2014 at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India. Ms Woolfrey presented on the work of DataFirst at the WDS Members’ Forum being held in tandem with the conference.

The World Data System is an Interdisciplinary Body of the International Council for Science (ICSU) created in 2008. Its goals are to:

• Enable universal and equitable access to quality-assured scientific data, data services, products and information

• Ensure long term data stewardship

• Foster compliance to agreed-upon data standards and conventions

• Provide mechanisms to facilitate and improve access to data and data products.

Ms Woolfrey gave a presentation on DataFirst’s role as an African Data Service and gave details on how DataFirst has developed best practice which has resulted in the organisation being awarded the Data Seal of Approval, and international accreditation given to Trusted Digital Repositories. DataFirst is the only African-based organisation to attain this certification. Ms Woolfrey also presented a poster on DataFirst’s model for a National Data Service, being used to inform the creation of Research Data Infrastructure in South Africa.

  New technical paper: Recalibrating the OHSs to adjust for sampling changes by Takwanisa Machemedze, Andrew Kerr and Martin Wittenberg

  New technical paper: Household formation and household size in post-apartheid South Africa: Evidence from the Agincourt sub-district 1992-2003 by Martin Wittenberg and Mark Collinson

  New technical paper: Wages and wage inequality in South Africa 1994-2011: The evidence from household survey data by Martin Wittenberg

New techincal paper: Union selection effects - some inconsistent models by Martin Wittenberg

Small firms may not be SA's saviours - In this article Ebrahim-Khalil Hassen re-examines the belief that a million start-ups will create jobs and assets. Here is a link to the original study that he refers to.

Call for Papers: Data Quality Workshop 2014

Request from UNU-WIDER for proposals on firm level research using SARS data.

South African Labour Market Microdata Scoping Study by Lynn Woolfrey

Understanding Labour Demand in South Africa and the Importance of Data Sources by Andrew Kerr

 ILO Working Paper by Martin Wittenberg - Analysis of employment, real wage, and productivity trends in South Africa since 1994

South Africa’s transition to democracy in 1994 engendered expectations of rapid changes in racial and gender disparities in wages. Twenty years after the transition there are strong disagreements about whether there have been gains and how these have been distributed. In particular there are debates about whether wage increases have outstripped productivity increases.

Botswana: CSO joins ADP and organizes a data documentation workshop - This workshop was facilitated by DataFirst's Lynn Woolfrey and Alison Siljeur.

ADP supported NISR for documenting new surveys - Ms. Lynn Woolfrey, DataFirst's Manager facilitated a five-day Metadata Production Workshop in Huye, Rwanda.

Alison Siljeur and Lynn Woolfrey attended the Microdata Management Toolkit Training of Trainers.

Lesotho Bureau of Statistics (BOS) trained  in the use of the new Metadata Editor.

 New national membership increases data literacy in South Africa - Article about DataFirst in the ICPSR Bulletin.



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